The Challenge

The challenge Great websites don't happen on accident. Much like the hidden layers in an oil painting, so much more goes into a website than is visible in the final product. Here's a couple of examples of how the client and I developed an idea into a well thought out website. Client: Bad Animals Challenge: "Just make it cool, Mike." That's the bulk of the direction I got from Emmy winning post-production audio house Bad Animals. My main goal was to transfer the genuine warmth of the people that work there and their playful attitudes into an online user experience. Each page has a bold and vibrant color and something subtle to interact with. Client: Cliffside Orchard Challenge: Design a simple organic website. You may live on an organic orchard 80 miles from the nearest freeway, but your website is only a click away for all of your customers. Since their business was changing from wholesale to direct marketing, they needed a web presence that matched the farmers' market experience. Client: Primedia Group Challenge: Create a dynamic 3D interface. Primedia needed an intuitive, scalable interface to navigate and sort 100's of their architectual renderings. Doogin Design developed a XML driven catalog of images and videos, and wrote over 3,000 lines of code to make this idea come to life. The resulting 3D interface was the perfect complement to their collection of 3D imagery. Doogin Design Flash web design, photography, actionscript 3 programming 5208 1st Ave NE Seattle WA, 98105 206-498-2797