The Windows Key and how it will change your life.

It seems fitting for a Microsoft product that the two most useful keystroke combinations in Windows have been around since Windows 95, and yet still the vast majority of computer users don’t know they’re literally at their fingertips.

I’m of course speaking of that little Windows Key on the bottom row of the keyboard that most people hit only on accident and then wonder why the heck their start menu just appeared. Well, it turns out that little bugger is quite handy and addictive. Are you ready to have your mind blown and your productivity forever increased? Here goes….

Pressing the Windows Key and the “D” key minimizes every open window and reveals the Desktop. Press it again and everything goes back to how it was.

Pressing the Windows Key and the “E” key opens Windows Explorer to “My Computer”.

Going back to the desktop or navigating to project directories is are two tasks I might do a hundred times over the course of a day, so I’m pleased to report these keystrokes are actually quite ergonomic and comfortable, and not the finger yoga that most other keystrokes are (I’m looking at your Alt-F4).There’s a handful more good-to-know key combinations you can do with the Windows Key, even a few new ones in Windows 7, but the two above are my bread and butter.

Written by Doogin

February 15th, 2010 at 3:46 pm

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