A Practical Review: Carbonite Online Backup

First off, any online backup is better than none. Regardless of which you ultimately choose, you’ll sleep better knowing your digital life is safely locked away in an underground bunker somewhere near the center of the earth. Eventual computer failure/theft/accidental destruction/etc. is guaranteed and indiscriminate:

Having used both Mozy and Carbonite, I am much more a fan of Carbonite.

Here’s what I like about it:

  • Unlimited backup for $44 a year with 3 year term
  • Files are backedup is real-time, not every 24-hours
  • Manual control over what files/folders to backup via right-click in Explorer
  • Explorer indicates if a file has been backedup with a green or orange dot over the file icon
  • You can temporarily pause the backup upstream, or throttle it down if you need the bandwidth.
  • Locally deleted files remain on their servers for 30 days in case you need them.
  • Mac and PC. PC version only uses 6MB of memory for UI and 16MB for the background service.

Mozy offers a similar package ($52/year with 2 year term), but their UI drove me crazy. It took 10 minutes sometime to open the program to check the backup status and the one time I needed to retrieve a backup, the file wasn’t there.

Carbonite’s interface isn’t anything spectacular either, but it’s fairly intuitive, simple, and hasn’t caused me any problems. Since the backup status of a file is clearly visible in Windows Explorer, I haven’t had much need to go into the UI anyway.

My current Carbonite backup is just rounding 400 GB, *gulp*, yeah, 400 GB. That’s a whole lotta website dev, photo shoots, and business docs I no longer have to worry about, and at less than $1 a week, it’s well worth the investment and peace of mind.

Written by Doogin

March 9th, 2010 at 10:58 pm

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